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The Importance of Having Services Available for the Takedown of Copyrighted Material

The title of takedown czar is mystifying at first until one realizes this Internet product combats piracy online and is effective at taking down the stolen material. Pirated information, photos, and entire websites continue to be an ongoing problem for many individuals and businesses. It causes a variety of problems ranging from personal distress to a lower ranking on major search engines, which leads to lost profits. Writers see their articles and other content appearing on different websites with other names, all without any authorization to publish it. Amateur and even professional photographers are dismayed to discover their pictures appearing in various places without permission.
This service focuses on materials protected by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, or DMCA. The legislation was signed into law in 1998 to address digital materials and to provide an update to the existing U.S. copyright laws. Theft of published items had become easier than ever before with the copying and pasting capacity of Internet software. People trying to protect their materials by implementing software to prevent copying were thwarted by manufacturers of other software that could, essentially, snap pictures of the pictures or otherwise capture written content or photos.

With a service like dmca takedown czar, website owners and contributors have powerful protection against theft of their digital property. The software does not have to be routinely monitored, which is a relief for website owners and content producers who have spent substantial time checking to see whether their material has been pirated. The frustrations of dealing with these types of problems are over. The offending site owners who are linking to pirated material or hosting it on their own site receive an official takedown notice. If the owner ignores the notice, the site is subject to removal by the hosting company. The notice can be issued to search engines as well, which management appreciates since they do not want to provide links to pirated content, photos, videos, or other materials. Ignoring takedown notices thus can be very detrimental to site owners who may find their websites delisted entirely by search engines and unable to be found.